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June 30, 2013

More informations over Aarau you can see here
for Finn and for Glide.

Our Finn
got a new Champion title after his great success in Aarau:


June 27, 2013

Puppies after Glide were born in Poland . . .

On June 24, 2013,
was born the first litter after our Glide in Poland.

Emi and Glide
are happy parents of 4 males and 3 females,
born in the Polish kennel Opolskie Bernesy.
- pedigree of the G-puppies Opolskie Bernesy -

Here you can see the first photo in the group of the 3 days old puppies:

Here you can see the single photos

of the 4 males


of the 3 females

Happy congratulations to the successful breeder Katarzyna Grzegorek.

We wish Emi and her puppies
all the best for a happy and long life.

More informations you will find under
www.opolskieszwajcary.pl or Facebook Opolskie Bernesy.


June 18, 2013


1st litter after Finn


June 16, 2013

Yupiiiii . . .

On June 12, 2013,
the same day after 4 years,
our Glide became father in Switzerland the 2nd time.

Funny-Wandi vom Gammenthal and Glide
are happy over their beautiful litter with 1 male and 5 females,
who was born in the Swiss kennel von der Lueg.
- pedigree of the F-puppies von der Lueg -

Here you can see the first photos of the 4 days old puppies:

the male

all F - puppies together

Happy congratulations to the breeders Aika and Hansueli Aebi.

We wish Wanda and her puppies
health, happiness and a long life in nice families.


June 12, 2013


3rd litter after Glide


June 06, 2013

We visited the K-puppies vom Rummelsbach . . .

On the weekend we was ging to go to
the German SSV-kennel vom Rummelsbach.
Here are the puppies of
Glide and Cherry Alina vom Rummelsbach
- pedigree of K-puppies vom Rummelsbach -
7 weeks of age now.

Below you can see the proud Glide with:

his 3 sons


his 4 daughters

Thank you to Jürgen and Marlies for the nice hours.
We are happy because we get to know the future owners of the puppies.
We wish you all a happy time together.