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May 26, 2013

We met on the show Heidi and Otto
from the 9th litter after Glide.

Heidi earned in Youth Class the 2nd place with the result Excellent.
She got Res.Jug.-CAC of the VDH and SSV.

Otto won in the Youth Class the 2nd place too with the result Very Good.

Of course we made a photo of
son Otto, daddy Glide and granddad Finn.
Sorry, Heidi was not available for a photo.
She departed at home early because the bad weather on the day.


May 17, 2013

World Dog Show 2013 in Budapest

We were there with Finn von der Jakobshöhe,
who started in Veteranen Class,
judged by Mrs. Istvanne Juhasz (Hungary).
Finn earned the result Excellent 4.

At show we met his beauty granddaughter Tamay van de Weyenberg,
who arrived with her owner Jan Ščerba from Czech Republic.

Tami started in Champion Class of the females.
Svend Lovenkjaer got her Excellent.

Of course we made some photos of both:


May 12, 2013

VDH-Europasieger-Ausstellung in Dortmund (Germany)

with great results for our senior

Finn von der Jakobshöhe

Our Street Glide av Lee Armand
started in the Champion Class
judged by Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Eberhardt.
He earned the result Excellent 3.


May 05, 2013

We had a great weekend in St. Gallen (Switzerland) . . .

On 04. and 05. May 2013 we visited with
Finn von der Jakobshöhe and Street Glide Av Lee Armand
the International Dog Show in St. Gallen (Switzerland).

On both days become our


Veteranen Winner and he got the BOB.

Mr. G. Güllix (Germany) judged on Saturday and Mr. Dr. H. Hollensteiner (Germany) on Sunday.

Finn started both days in ring of honorary of the
best Veterans of all races and all BOB-dogs of FCI-group II.

On Saturday
Mr. Manton (Ireland) judged the Veterans
and Mr. La Socca (Italy) judged the dogs of FCI-Gruppe II.
Finn was in the endgroup of the 6 best dogs.

On Sunday we experienced a historical highlight:

won the competition of
all veterans in ring of honorary,
judged by Mrs. Senashenko (Russia),

and he got
in ring of honorary of the BOB dogs of the FCI-group II,
judged by Mrs. Liljevist Borg (Sweden)
the 1st place.

We are so proud of our Finn . . .

We are happy about the results of our


in St. Gallen too.
He started on both days in Champion Class.

On Saturday he earned
Excellent 2 with Res.CAC and Res.CACIB,
judged by Mr. G. Güllix (Germany).

On Sunday he got
Excellent 1 with CAC and CACIB,
judged by Mr. Dr. H. Hollensteiner (Germany).

Dear Glide, you make us so happy . . .


May 04, 2013


7th litter after Finn